Colorado Man Allegedly Mistakes Son As Intruder, Fatally Shoots Him

Colorado man Frank Leo Huner Jr. was released from custody after being arrested for mistaking his soon as an intruder and fatally shooting him.

A Colorado man who mistook his son for a home intruder and fatally shot him has been released from custody after posting a bond of $50,000, People reported. 

Frank Leo Huner Jr., 59, called the police at 10:15 p.m. on July 1 to report shooting an intruder who he thought was breaking into his home. Later on the call, he identified the intruder as his son, Nick Huner, WTOL 11 reported.

Huner Jr. told the dispatcher that he shot his son six times. 

The Douglas Country coroner confirmed Huner's identity on July 3, according to a press release from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. 

According to CBS4, Huner had a complicated relationship with his parents. In September of last year, Huner was issued a protection order that banned him from the home he would later be shot in because of threats to kill his parents. He was currently under investigation for alleged arson on the family's former mountain house, which burned down a few months ago. After the house went up in flames, Huner led officers on a high-speed chase through Utah. He was ultimately arrested with a loaded gun and a felony warrant out for him for dealing large amounts of marijuana. 

In self-defense murders, the defendant must prove that it was indeed an act of self-defense to the courts, a Douglas County spokesperson said. The investigation is ongoing and active.

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