Wife Creatively Includes Husband Deployed In Iraq In Christmas Card

Being away from family for Christmas can be very difficult, but thanks to his wife, this deployed airman could still be part of the holiday photos.

Serving in the armed forces require a lot of sacrifice, on both the deployed persons’ end and their families’.

However, one Colorado Springs woman, whose husband Brandon is currently deployed in Iraq, was determined to have her entire family in one picture for Christmas. Therefore, she put her creativity to use in the best possible way.

"I would see my friends posting their cute family Christmas photos and while I thought they were precious, my heart would get sad.I would think, 'I wish we could have a family Christmas card photo!'" Ashley Sistrunk told Mashable.

She then got her husband to pose in Iraq while she and her children took a similar family photo in the United States. Then, she combined the two photos so their family could be complete.

"We did a 'normal' Christmas photo and then a more quirky version since we're a pretty silly family. We married in 2006 at the age of 18, and found out five weeks later that we were expecting our first child. We quickly realized that the real world was hard and wasn't free, so Brandon joined the military when I was six months pregnant,” she added.

"Deployments are hard and you can feel so alone. You'd be amazed at how strong military families are, but how sad you can get at the same time. We want other deployed families to know that the emotions they feel are normal,” Sistrunk continued.

Now, her family’s story is being shared on numerous social media platforms while news channels are covering their adorable efforts of reuniting for Christmas.

“A big Thank You to all of you for your service. May your Christmas be Merry and Bright, and may all your future Christmas Celebrations be together,” a Facebook user, who goes by Jean-Paul de Jager, commented on their photo.

“This made my retired Air Force heart smile!!! Go Blue!!! Happy Holidays to your family!” wrote another.

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