Color-Blind Painter Given Glasses To See New Colors On His Birthday

Craig Greco has never been able to properly see colors — that is until his wife gifted him some Enchroma glasses for his 35th birthday!

A color-blind painter was given the gift of a whole new world on his 35th birthday. 

Although he's dealt with the condition his whole life, Craig Greco was officially diagnosed with deuteranomaly a few years back, Inside Edition reports. He wasn't able to see red and green; rather, he could only see yellow and brown. 

Greco's wife rocked his world, however, when she gifted him $350 Enchroma glasses for his birthday in April. According to the website, the special lenses provide "vibrant, accurate color" for the color-blind by targeting specific photopigments using an optimal filter. 

Despite the visual impairment, Greco paints as a hobby. Understandably, he always had issues finding the right colors. 

Not anymore.

"I'm now so excited to wear the glasses as I paint and see my creation come to life before my eyes," Greco told Inside Edition. "I'm finally able to see the world in the way it was intended to be seen, and it’s completely stunning."

Greco's wife gave him a children's book that teaches about colors — some of which were unrecognizable to him.

"It’s still just amazing ... I can’t believe the clarity and the richness of the color. I was shaking. I was crying."

For a man who prides himself on his colorful creations, Greco is about as grateful as it gets. Surely, his craft will only improve as he becomes more and more familiar with the beauty of simple colors that surround him!

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Andy Rogers

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