Someone Left Fake Animal Facts Around The LA Zoo And It Was Glorious

After a prank at a local grocery store followed by hilarious tips on public speaking, Jeff Wysaski took it upon himself to troll animal lovers at the L.A. Zoo.

Wysaski has pranked people

Visitors to the Los Angeles Zoo on June 29 walked away with some ... interesting ideas about the animals who live there. 

California–based comedian Jeff Wysaski trolled the public at the Los Angeles Zoo by distributing fake animal facts fliers around, "educating" the public on everything from penguins' tuxedo dress to a cheating flamingo named Phillip.


Dozens of meerkats escape from the L.A. Zoo every year

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Wysaski, who goes by the stage name “Obvious Plant,” informed, or rather misinformed, zoo-goers of the fact that owls are related to the TV series “Friends” and that meerkats can control electronics with their minds. Needless to say, the hilarious fliers made the zoo a whole lot more interesting, and kept people hooked as they searched for the next fun fact.



I left some fake animal facts at the L.A. Zoo

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He was a highly koala-fied leader.

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Facts Fliers At LA Zoo

Comedian trolls

Fake Animal

This is not the first time Wysaski pranked people in a public place. Sometime last here, the young man left “shopping tips” in a grocery store. One read, “Accidentally buy the potato chips your spouse doesn’t like so you don’t have to share,” while another said, “Try to fill that eternal pit of sadness inside you with cookies.” He also informed shoppers that if they poured Red Bull on pigeons, they would “grow extra wings.”

In another epic prank, Wysaski, replaced pet names at a local pet store with hilarious labels, leaving people in fits of giggles. The animals including a new range of species, from “gym rat” to “regular boring normal turtle” and even “judgmental tree frog.”

It would be an understatement to say that the comedian has just a good sense of humor. He actually comes up with brilliant ways of giving others a good laugh, and he’s been successful in taking the public by surprise every time. 

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