Commute Goals: This German Man Swims To Work Every Day

This German man was fed up with commuting on Munich's busy roads, so he began swimming to work on the Isar river as his commute.

Pretty wild stuffcan happen on  your morning commute to work, but not all commutes consist of squishing yourself in a packed subway car or sitting in traffic for hours on end. 

For Munich, Germany resident Benjamin David, heading to work is swimming down the Isar river for 1.24 miles, BBC reported.

David was tired of navigating the crowded and stressful roads so he opted for a more leisurely swim instead. "When I'm swimming, I am indeed quicker, and also more relaxed," he told BBC.

Back in the day, the river was used for transportation purposes, but not so much anymore.

He puts his things in a buoyant waterproof "bladder" and if it's winter, also zips into a wetsuit. He also dons rubber sandals as protection against glass.

David also checks the current weather each day before he decides to swim. 

Sometimes he'll swim to the bar and order a cappuccino while still in his swimwear.

He says that every now and then, bystanders laugh or ask him what he's doing. But then again, who's the one stuck in traffic?

Thumbnail/banner image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Bernd Reuschenberg

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