Conspiracy Theorists Went Way Over The Top With #HillarysBodyDouble

Throughout all of Sunday and much of Monday, rumors circulated that Hillary Clinton was using an impersonator as a body double to attend appearances for her.

It seems that Donald Trump supporters gathered some of America's most gullible citizens and conjured up the theory that Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, has been using a "body double" for appearances.

The rumors started after Clinton appeared to fall ill outside of a 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan on Sunday and then was photographed outside of her daughter Chelsea's apartment, appearing to be in good health and spirits just hours later.

Social media users wasted no time circulating the rumor, and even accused a longtime Clinton impersonator named Teresa Barnwell of being Clinton #2.

“I got some kind of notification: ‘When Hillary left Chelsea’s home, she looked so different. Was it a body double?’” she recounted reading. “Then my picture started appearing. I was like, ‘What? What is going on?’”

Rather than immediately squash the gossip, Barnwell played along briefly, for fun,  by posting a photo of herself she took a month ago outside of Chelsea's home during a vacation. She captioned it, "Maybe I was in New York today!"

She soon regretted "confirming" the rumors after she began receiving an influx of unwanted attention.

“Oh my God, the conspiracy theories. These ugly comments, on and on, driving home last night. My phone was just dinging, dinging, dinging, dinging," she said, according to The Daily Beast.

She shared another post later clarifying that she was actually in Los Angeles, on the other side of the country from Chelsea's NYC apartment.

“I’m in Los Angeles today! Not NYC!," she wrote. She later posted a photo with her and singer John Legend on the set of the show "Lip Sync Battle," where she and a Bill Clinton impersonator were set to perform. Yet, the conspiracy theory just wouldn't die.

“OK people, calm down.  I was in LA today, all day.  Was just messin’ with your crazy conspiracy minded little heads. Go to bed," she posted late on Sunday, after deciding that enough was enough.

For the entire day, #HillarysBodyDouble was the number two trend on Twitter, even after most people began to realize it was not true.

Now that everyone knows Barnwell is not Clinton's body double, the entire lie is being blamed on the Clinton campaign.

Prominent conspiracy theorist  Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, “The #HillarysBodyDouble narrative was probably started by the Clinton campaign to discredit genuine questions about her health."

This just goes to show the absurd lengths anti-Clinton folks will go to discredit any and everything she does.

As a human being, it's entirely possible that after a few hours of rest or some medical treatment following the 9/11 Memorial that Clinton truly did feel better by the time she made her way to Chelsea's home. 

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