Construction Worker Adds His Own Décor To Vancouver’s Trump Tower

A construction worker hung a Mexican flag from Vancouver’s new Trump Tower to remind Donald Trump that he benefits from the contributions of Mexican immigrants.

Republican presidential front-runner and real estate mogul Donald Trump has been deemed a bigot and a racist for comments he has made about pretty much every marginalized group and particularly his horrific remarks about Mexican immigrants being “rapists and killers.”

In addition to his hateful rhetoric, Trump has also been condemned for his “immigration reform” plan which includes building an “impenetrable” wall at the Mexico/U.S. border.

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It has been pointed out on numerous occasions, however, that Trump actually has many immigrants that work for him thus making him a huge hypocrite.

A Mexican-Canadian construction worker found one profound gesture to highlight Trump’s hypocrisy and denounce his bigotry all at the same time. 

"I put a Mexican flag on the roof of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, just to show that he is benefiting from us and that we are working hard on his projects and that we are not all criminals," Diego Saul Reyna said in an interview with the CBC.

Reyna shared a photo of himself on Facebook with the hanging flag on top of the tower and detailed why he felt it was necessary.

“…From the concrete pouring, finishing, drywall, taping, wood forming and general labour [sic], Mexicans were there, building it, doing good work,” Reyna wrote. “The comments Trump has made about us did not stop us from doing the high quality work we have always done, in our home country or when we migrate to the US/Canada.”

Reyna’s post has been widely shared on social media, garnering more than 3,000 likes and more than 4,000 shares.

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His photo not only holds up a mirror to Trump, but to all of the Americans who support his rhetoric while benefiting from immigrants’ hard work and labor. 

WHY DID I PUT A MEXICAN FLAG ON THE ROOF TOP OF TRUMP TOWER VANCOUVER, ??????Because from the concrete pouring,...

Posted by Diego Saul Reyna on  Saturday, April 2, 2016

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook/Diego Saul Reyna

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