Man Stuffs Himself In A Cabinet To Prove Its Strength, Memes Ensue

Not finding a better way to prove the reliability of his hard work, the man went to extremes and the internet was there to receive his efforts with open arms.

A contractor found an unusual way to prove that his cabinet is strong enough to do the job — he climbed inside it.

He may have given proof that his product, a kitchen cabinet, was strong enough to hold the heaviest of burdens without collapsing, but the response he got from the internet won the day.


Contractor gets in the cabinet he just built to prove its sturdiness from r/funny


This is why you don't hire contractors who secure cabinets to dry wall only, thousands in damage last night.



“If I opened that cupboard and he said 'hello there' ... I would just shut it and go back to bed,” said a commenter.

Others had doubts regarding the smartness of the act:

“No s**t, I actually had this happen with a coffee table I bought on Craigslist. Guy was jumping up and down on it for like 3 minutes straight, and I was like, ‘Dude, you don't have to do that, I'm gonna buy it.’ Next day I go to put a vase and a couple books on it and one of the legs collapses,” redditor 10RoundSadFace shared his experience.

“This is why you always insist in the 10 minute jump test,” responded another.

One had a fine idea: “Maybe this is where contractors disappear to in the middle of remodeling jobs. They're actually vacationing inside one of the cabinets in your house,” mused TAU_equals_2PI.

There was at least one person who had done it before: “I kind of did the same thing in wood shop. I'm a little over 300 and I would stand on some of the project to test their sturdiness,” confessed reydonclassof2.

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