Coolest Cop Ever Gets His Groove On With A Street Band

Sachin Shenolikar was tired from playing his guitar for too long so he handed it over to a police officer. And “that’s when things got really funky,” he said.


A band was playing in the streets of New York City on Marathon Sunday when they were joined by the unlikeliest of people — a police officer.

Sachin Shenolikar of the band Condescending Liberals posted a video on his Instagram account to show how a cop, on a quick break from work, decided to join their musical troupe. Shenolikar said he noticed the man standing close by where he and his friends were performing and bobbing his head to the music.

“My hands were cramping up a bit, so I took a break and chatted with him as the band jammed on,” Shenolikar said. “He said he was a guitar player too. I asked if he wanted to jump in and play. He was like, ‘Yeah!’ I took off my axe and handed it to him. And that's when things got really funky...”

Shenolikar took off his guitar and the officer, who has not been named, jammed out a tune to rival any professional musician.

The band was soon surrounded by a crowd of people who started taking pictures and filming the police officer having an absolute blast.

Shenolikar then posted the video on his Facebook page, which quickly became inundated with praises for the band and their impromptu member.

“This is TOO cool...rock on!” said Cheryl Tan, a Facebook user.

“Going viral in 3...2...1,” wrote  another.

It seems there is still some hope left for this world.

Check out the full video above.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay, Free-Photos

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