Cop Saves Woman Having Heart Attack After Pulling Over Speeding Truck

Veteran cop Jordan Jones responded to a woman having a massive heart attack in the nick of time. He performed CPR for several minutes until paramedics arrived.

Jeff Litty has likely never been so thankful for a roadside run-in with the law. Litty was speeding in his truck in Blanchard, Oklahoma. He was on his way to the hospital as his wife, Tina Costello, suffered a major heart attack, News Channel 4 reports.

Caught on dash-cam, Litty jumped out of the car and ran toward 10-year veteran police officer Jordan Jones, shouting, “My wife’s having a heart attack.” Jones called first responders. Costello wasn’t in good condition.

“I was just in panic,” Litty said. “Her face was purple.”

Litty was melting down: “Oh, she’s dead!” Jones calmly replied: “No, she’s not.”

Jones knew he didn’t have a lot of time, and he and Litty performed about three sets of CPR together as Costello’s daughter, Briteny Costello, looked on. Finally, she started breathing again, and first responders arrived on the scene.

Today, Tina is stable, having woken up days after the incident.

“It looks like she's going to make a full recovery, because of the quick way you administered CPR,” Litty told Jones on the phone. “You definitely saved her and her mental capacities, as well.”

Jones said this was his first time saving somebody’s life.

The heart attack was so massive that only about 10 percent of victims survive it. If not for Jones’ quick response, Costello probably wouldn’t be alive today. 

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Highway Patrol Images

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