Cop Texts Woman Photo Of ‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake After Assaulting Her

A woman is suing a former Florida cop for illegitimately using his Taser on her and then attempting to apologize with a cake he claimed to bake.

A Florida woman claims in a civil lawsuit that a former Escambia County deputy used his Taser on her chest and neck and then tried to apologize with a fake cake.

The alleged victim, Stephanie Byron, filed the lawsuit accusing Michael Wohlers of excessive force, violating her civil rights, committing battery, and causing her physical injuries, monetary loss, medical expenses, humiliation, and mental anguish, according to The Root.

The incident originally occurred in June 2015 when Wohlers visited Byron at the apartment complex where she worked after he completed his patrol shift.

Apparently, Wohlers used his stun gun during “horseplay” with Byron, but she claims there was nothing playful about it.

Byron’s lawsuit against Wohlers claims he used “his apparent law-enforcement authority to intimidate, harass and threaten plaintiff … about her personal life. Because Wohlers did not like how plaintiff failed to respond to his show of authority, Wohlers became increasingly aggressive toward employees at the apartment complex’s office, including with Ms. Byron.”

Wohlers reportedly took Byron’s sweet tea beverage from her and when she approached him to retrieve it; he discharged his Taser into her chest and neck.

Once she fell to the ground as a result of the shock, he allegedly “jumped onto [her], kneeling her in the chest” and “forcefully” took out the Taser prods.

If the incident itself wasn’t bad enough, Wohlers allegedly offered an apology to Byron by sending a text with a photo of a cakethat had the words “Sorry I Tased You” written on it in frosting.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, Wohlers claimed in the text that he baked the cake for Byron and wanted to give it to her.

However, Wohlers was not telling the truth because the photo actually depicts a cake that was baked back in 2014 when a police officer accidentally tased his colleague’s hand.

The image of the cake has been circulating throughout the internet since being uploaded to social media following the original incident.

Wohlers resigned from the sheriff's office in July 2015 after being investigated for misconduct, the Pensacola News Journal reports. 

Wohlers’ attorney has denied the accusations and maintains that his client is protected by “qualified immunity,” which can protect an official from civil liability lawsuits if said official didn’t knowingly violate a person’s rights while performing their duties.

It’s a good thing Wohlers is no longer working for the Sheriff’s office because he was clearly very immature and negligent.

Not only did he abuse his power as an officer by using his Taser against Byron in the first place, but why on earth would he make up some story about baking a cake?

Furthermore, even if he had truly baked the cake, why would he think that is a sufficient apology?

Perhaps this experience will serve as a wakeup call for Wohlers to get his act together before any other law enforcement agencies think about hiring him. 

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