Cops Bust Driver Using Frying Pan As Makeshift Steering Wheel

A man actually successfully operated his vehicle using a frying pan for a steering wheel until he was caught by police and his car was impounded.

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South Australia Police caught a man operating his vehicle using a frying pan as a makeshift steering wheel.

According to UPI, officers were contacted about a suspicious red Mazda and its male driver loitering in the street. When they responded to the scene, they discovered the rigged steering wheel.

"On arrival, police saw the Mazda sedan drive off along Norman Street before turning into the car park of a unit block," police reportedly said. "Police spoke with the driver and inspected his car finding the steering wheel had been replaced with a metal pan and the front number plate had been altered."

In addition to the steering wheel being replaced, police also learned the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. The owner had apparently removed a defect label from the car as well.

The driver’s illegal and hazardous decisions led to his car being impounded for 28 days and an upcoming court date the 32-year-old is scheduled to attend.

There is no denying his improvised steering wheel was both crafty and clever, but driving around like that is a dangerous stunt.

While out on the road, it wasn’t just his own life he was jeopardizing, but all those around who could have been affected if his frying pan steering wheel would have malfunctioned or came off completely.

Reports do not indicate how long he had been driving with a cooking appliance, but he should have known it was only a matter of time before he was going to get caught.

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