Cops Called On 'Hispanic,' Black News Crew For Looking 'Suspicious'

Homa Bash was doing her job as a live reporter when someone nearby called the police on her for being “Hispanic-looking” and having a truck near a school.

On Wednesday, NBC5 reporter Homa Bash was setting up to record a live news segment with a colleague when they were interrupted by police in Plano, Texas.

Bash tweeted that a bystander had reported them to the police, claiming that she, her colleague, and their truck looked “suspicious,” BuzzFeed reported. The call appears to be based upon racial profiling.

She wrote, “When you get the cops called because a ‘Hispanic-looking woman & black man with a suspicious white truck & camera’ are near a school.”

Bash’s viral tweet sparked a thread of others explaining ridiculous incidences in which they’ve had the police called on them because of their skin color, including other journalists.

Michael Baldwin, a FOX multimedia journalist, commented that a similar situation happened to him, so now he makes sure to visibly show that he is affiliated with the station.

Bash explained that she and her coworker were still reported despite the fact that they were clearly marked with the station’s logo.

While police are usually the ones to be accused of racial profiling, it appears that the officer involved diffused the situation. She replied to Baldwin that the officer who arrived said, “So… you’re marked in every way… not sure what was confusing for them.”

Bash showed her sense of humor in her response to the situation, and noted that she’s Indian, not Hispanic. “You shouldn’t ask a lady her age,” she also tweeted, referring to the popular Google search affiliated with her name and age.

She also tweeted a “thank you” to Officer Hunter who quickly dismissed the call upon arriving to the “scene.” She said, “Shout out to @PlanoPoliceDept Officer Hunter for being so cool & letting us do our jobs.”

While Bash just wanted to get on with doing her job, the paranoid onlooker who called the police created a major waste of time for all involved individuals. Clearly, there was no safety issue at stake. The call was simply based on prejudiced stereotypes. 

Banner photo credit: Twitter, @HomaBashNBC5

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