Cops Pull Over Unknowing Dad-To-Be: 'You've Got A Child In The Car'

Officer Todd Colichia stopped Texas couple Jarred and Nikki Wright in a neighborhood to inform Jarred that he's expecting another baby on his birthday.

When it comes to pivotal moments in the modern age, photo or film documentation and extravagance are required — sometimes in the form of elaborate hoaxes

A Hurst, Texas, woman made sure to meet the new standards when she revealed her second pregnancy to her husband, in which she set up a confrontation with a police officer to help her drop the big news, BuzzFeed News reports

Luckily, Hurst Police Department Officer Todd Colichia is a friend of the couple, Nikki and Jarred Wright. In fact, Colichia has helped Jarred, a veteran, cope during episodes of PTSD and anxiety. 

"It's been rough," Jarred said to BuzzFeed News. "Sleepless nights, panic attacks, hospital visits, unnecessary stress on my family."

Jarred and Colichia met last year, during an incident in which Colichia was called to the home. The officer was able to get Jarred to relax a little as he was escorted to the hospital. 

Jarred, who toured in Afghanistan, said the two developed a rapport. 

"He and I, we were just able to connect," Colichia said to BuzzFeed News. "I guess because he and I both share service. We just by chance happened to meet up on the call and we were able to connect, and he was able to come back to us."

During another stay at the hospital, Nikki discovered she was pregnant with their second child, and she wanted to involve Colichia in the announcement. 

"She wanted to tell Jarred but she also did not want him to have any issues with PTSD, and since he and I had history she thought it would be great for me to be part of it," Colichia said to BuzzFeed News. "I felt honored, for one, that she would even allow me to be part of it, because that's a huge moment in anyone's life."

Watch the surprise take place in the clip below, posted to YouTube. 

"I got to be honest — the reason why I stopped you is because you've got a child in the car with no child seat," Colichia says to a visibly nervous Jarred. (Poor guy.) 

At first, Jarred is just confused, telling Colichia that no, there is no child in the car. But Colichia keeps at it: "You sure? You positive about this?"

Meanwhile, Nikki is holding up a positive pregnancy test in the background. 

When Jarred finally realizes what's going on, he's clearly relieved. Another policeman hands Nikki a gift, which she gives to Jarred. 

Adorably, the baby is due on Jarred's birthday. 

"How do you feel?" Nikki asks Jarred. 

"I'm happy," Jarred says, leaning in for a kiss. Are you crying yet?

Colichia said he hopes Jarred and family are able to prevail over his PTSD. 

"I hope it works out for them, just like I hope it works out for every soldier who comes back," he said to BuzzFeed News.

Same here, Officer. 

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