'Pure Protein': Costa Rican President Accidentally Swallows A Wasp

“I ate it, I ate the wasp!” exclaimed President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera in front of laughing camera crews and journalists. “You don’t see that every day.”

There are many things that could go wrong during live press briefings (just ask White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer), but the president of Costa Rica faced an unusual obstacle during his latest conference in Zona Sur when a wasp flew into his mouth while he was speaking to the cameras.

Captured on video, it was a surreal moment. However, President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera handled it like a pro.

Instead of spitting the bug out or spluttering, like most people would in a similar situation, he proceeded to swallow it, seemingly unfazed.

Who does that?

“I ate it. I ate the wasp,” he said humorously as his entourage and journalists laughed in the background.

He even continued to joke about it.

“You don't see that every day — they're going to send it to CNN, pure protein!” Rivera exclaimed before a member of his team handed him a bottle of water.

The president was reportedly visiting the southern part of the Central American country to inaugurate a new asphalt plant.

The video of the incident, which clearly showed the wasp entering Rivera’s mouth, went viral over the weekend, garnering more than 233,000 views.


Several social media users applauded the president for not losing his composure while others applauded his good sense of humor.

“I don't get tired of watching this video,” commented a Facebook user.

To be honest, it was rather fascinating.

Meanwhile, here is to hoping the Costa Rican president remains well and healthy because, as many were quick to point out, unlike bees, some wasps have the ability to sting repeatedly.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters 

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