Everyone Is Making Fun Of Ann Coulter's Sad Tweet About Dying Alone

The conservative pundit and author does not like the Republicans' tax plan because it ignores people like her who live in "quiet desperation."

Commentator Ann Coulter stands at podium in front of the American flag with her finger pointed up

Conservative author Ann Coulter is notorious for her outlandish commentary, so when she took to Twitter to call her life a pool of “quiet desperation” in an attempt to bash the Republicans’ tax plan, social media was abuzz with jokes. 

The Republicans’ tax plan has been bashed by people on the left for a series of reasons, but when some conservatives tried to expand the child tax credits, Democrats were on board.  

To Coulter, the idea that happy couples experiencing the wonders of caring for their little bundles of joy were getting tax breaks was just too much, so she decided to tell the world just why the idea is bad.

Instead of simply making a snarky comment about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and moving on, Coulter bashed herself while making her case against the Florida senator’s attempt to give more poor families increased access to the Child Tax Credit.

Saying that her life was filled with “quiet despair” and that she will die alone, the political commentator saved everybody the trouble of coming up with new names for her in light of her cold-hearted politics.

On Twitter, folks were overjoyed with her comments.

Still, regardless of her concerns, Rubio’s original plan didn’t work out, and he decided to join the “Yay” crowd in Congress in exchange for a small tweak in the bill’s child tax credit wording that makes $1,400 of the $2,000 child tax credit refundable instead of $1,100, which was what was in the original draft.

So don’t worry, Coulter. You will still be able to live your “empty” life of “quiet despair” without having to worry (too much) about happy families getting a break.


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