Couple’s Embarrassing Wedding RSVP Card Offers Children On The Menu

On Thursday, a Reddit user posted a hilarious picture of a wedding invitation that accidentally listed “child” as a meal option for the dinner entrée.

rsvp card

For some couples planning a wedding, getting every last detail perfect leading up to the wedding reception is an utmost priority. However, no matter how hard the bride and groom-to-be might try to avoid mishaps, little mistakes somehow manage to surface.

For one such couple, their wedding invitation contained a mistake so embarrassing that one of their invited guests couldn’t help but share it on the internet.

The majestic error is so blatantly obvious, it’s a wonder that it managed to slip past the eyes of whoever ordered them.

In the location of the card where guests could pick their choice of dinner entrée, the RSVP listed “child (12 and under)” as an option following “beef” and “pork.”

The formal invitation, which was posted to a Reddit page on Thursday, rapidly became the butt of a long thread of witticisms displaying the internet’s twisted sense of humor.

The embarrassing invite spawned hundreds of jokes about eating children, which are all pretty disturbing. However, if you appreciate the genre of cannibal humor, they can be pretty funny.

The Reddit users' comments ranged from serving suggestions, to nitpicking over preference of side dishes, to the facetious, existential question of whether it's okay to eat something with a soul. 



Banner photo credit: Twitter@kaigai_l0ve20_

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