Creepy Trump Costume Gropes Whoever Wears It

The scariest costume you'll see this Halloween is being auctioned on eBay. The ingenious costume makes Donald Trump grope whoever is wearing it.

British journalist Jemima Goldsmith wore this year's creepiest Halloween costume to the UNICEF Halloween Ball in London, England: A groping Donald Trump.

Goldsmith documented her night at the ball while wearing the costume, which includes a Melania Trump outfit and Donald Trump backpack getting handsy with whoever wears it.


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As multiple accusers step forward to allege that the Republican presidential candidate sexually assaulted or harassed them, Goldsmith's costume couldn't be more timely—or disturbing.

Goldsmith posed with her creepy Trump touching the breasts of one fellow ball-goer with the caption, "lies lies lies. They have no witnesses. It's a total set up!" The joke hits close to home as Trump tries to regain control of his campaign which has taken a nose-dive since audio was released of him bragging about committing sexual assault.

Goldsmith's brilliance does not stop with her attire: Donald Trump's offensive comments about refugees earned this groping costume some special treatment. The journalist put the previously-worn statement costume up for auction on eBay to raise money for Syrian refugees because "That's what The Donald would want."

The auction for the clever costume is already garnering bids reaching over $3,000. The item will go to the highest bidder and may not ship to the United States.

More Trump-themed costumes are likely to emerge as Halloween approaches but the political commentary, ingenuity, and downright creepiness of Goldsmith's creation are 10/10.

Banner image credit: Twitter, @ETCanada

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