Selfies Have Ruined Tea For Cristiano Ronaldo

Being a celebrity as big as Cristiano Ronaldo sounds like a lot of fun, but this video depicts the troubles celebrities face on a daily basis.

It was an ordinary day for Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, who decided to step out and grab some coffee with his friend.

But being a celebrity means that the paparazzi almost never leave your side, even at a coffee shop.

A recent video that's gaining speed on social media shows Ronaldo getting a coffee and sitting down to enjoy his dose of caffeine, but he doesn’t get to relax much as within no time people begin to notice his presence and a moment later, almost everybody is looking toward him.

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One by one the fans start trickling in, asking him for a picture, and while the number of photographs he takes with his fans keep increasing, he barely gets to sip on the coffee, which is sitting on the table getting cold.

The football player patiently takes picture after picture and finally gives up, as he announces “No more photos.” But fans aren’t ready to miss the opportunity of taking a picture with him, and one more lady comes up to say “Picture for my son, he’s been a fan for years.”

Ronaldo resigns to the will of fans as he goes on to take a whole lot more photos, finally giving up on his coffee. 

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