This Dad Took His Daughter's Phone Away AND Epically Trolled Her

As a parent, it can be hard to keep up with all the forms of communication — snapping, Instagramming. This dad, though? He's so hip with it — and how to troll his kid.

As an adult, I personally freak out if I forget my phone somewhere or can't find it. But teenagers? It's basically their lifeline nowadays. And parents know it.

While it's bad enough to take away a teen's connection to the internet, their friends, and social media, rubbing it in their face seems just cruel. But the way that one dad did this is less cruel (maybe) and more hilarious.

One Reddit user decided to share the treasure he found while poking around the internet. A dad decided to punish his daughter by taking away her cell phone, and to add insult to injury he wrote a note, which is supposed to be a text message, and slipped it under her door. 

Girl got her phone taken away by her parents and later her dad slid this under her door from pics

Between the emojis and the minutes between his "messages" this is top-notch trolling. His daughter probably didn’t find this one bit funny, however, “Daddio” has definitely scored some comical parenting points.

Other Redditors responded to the hilarious find.

"That page is getting good wifi reception," said one. Another was impressed by the authenticity: "I love how it took him 2 minutes to find the right emoji."

Our guess is that his daughter will remember these painful texts and won’t do anything to get her phone taken away again. 

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