Dad Tells Daughter Her Relationship With A Black Man Is 'Disgusting'

A Texas father wrote his daughter a very bigoted, racist letter expressing his feelings regarding her relationship with a black man that has gone viral.

Stephanie Hicks, 20, posted a photo of a letter her father wrote in which he threatens to disown her because she is dating a black man.

In the bigoted letter, Hicks’ father refers to her relationship as “disgusting” and admits that while he hoped he would at some point “take the high road” he just can’t shake his belief that “interracial relationships are despicable.”

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In fact, he feels so strongly that he even said there is nothing worse than a “half-black.” (Oh yeah, well how about a full racist?)

father letter to daughter for her interracial relationship

Hicks’ father also condemns her for dressing “like a street walker” and “sulking” when he and her mother take her to church. He says her behaviors indicate that she has “no regard for morals” and has “abandoned any sense of righteousness.”

There is so much irony in those statements coming from someone who is essentially spewing hatred toward interracial couples and biracial people. If she has, indeed, lost her sense of righteousness, we could argue that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Hicks’ tweet very quickly went viral, gaining thousands of retweets, supportive comments, and responses condemning her narrow-minded father.

There is some speculation that the letter was fake and fabricated by Hicks herself to make her father look bad for “revenge” from a recent spat. The note is typed as opposed to hand-written, so it is possible that it didn’t come from her father.  However, the photo she posted has some sections of the letter edited so you can’t read them. One would assume that if she were responsible for the letter, she wouldn’t put anything in it that she would need to hide.

Interracial couples have chimed in on the conversation by tweeting photos of themselves in response to Hicks’ father — further demonstrating that love knows no color.

Whether his daughter continues to date a black man or not, interracial love will still be in the world and he will still be exposed to those dreadful, “half-blacks.” 

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