Dad’s Hilarious Notes Express The Joys And Pains Of Parenting

A dedicated father is bringing joy to the internet by sharing his experiences being a stay-at-home parent using Post-It notes, a sharpie, and social media.


So I turned this into a note because why not? #monsters #parenting #assholedad

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What began as a simple inside joke between a husband and wife has taken the internet by storm.

Stay-at-home dad Chris Illuminati quit his job to be a full-time parent upon realizing how expensive day care is. When the 39-year-old first began the journey, his wife, Libby, 36, would constantly remind him of tasks he needed to complete while watching their first-born baby.

As a joke, Chris began grabbing post-it notes to write down all of Libby’s instructions, but over time, the notes transformed into silly parenting anecdotes that he would pin all around the house.

When he noticed how amused his wife was by the notes, he kept writing them and posting them throughout their home.

“At first it was jokes like ‘feed the baby’ ‘where’s the baby?’ etc. but then I made jokes about the actual ‘job’ of parenting,” Chris said, according to Metro.

Eventually, the dedicated father of two had the bright idea to share some of his clever works on Tumblr, where his humor was well-received. From there, Chris started a website titled "A Message With A Bottle" where he regularly posts comical insight and advice for parents.


And if this doesn't work just move out. #dadlife #kids #angermanagement #chill

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“When I first started this I was an obsessive Twitter user (still am) so my mind was always thinking in these terms of ‘short joke to make someone laugh’ and it kind of transferred over to written notes, the father explained. “The purpose is to make other parents (or even non-parents) laugh. Because raising a kid is sort of the same for everyone. We all have these moments with our kids.”

Chris’ venture has gained so much popularity that it has led him to release his own parenting book titled “The New Dad Dictionary: Everything He Really Needs To Know — From A to Z,” which focuses on “parenting techniques and theories — on Dad’s terms!”

Chris said he hopes to continue bringing a smile to fellow parents’ faces with his comedic relief.

“My ultimate goal is establishing a community of parents to just laugh about the awesome absurdity that is raising kids,” he said.

In addition to being fun, it’s likely quite therapeutic to seek out and share the humor in some of the outlandish antics that parents experience with their children. Furthermore, by becoming an internet sensation and now author, he created a way to earn revenue that still allows him to be a full-time dad, which brings everything full circle.

What a cool dad. 

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