Stuntman Stuns With Epic Backflip Over Speeding Formula E Car

Two days of hard work, practice, and tests finally came to an end as Damien Walters successfully performed an epic stunt no one should ever try.

Warning: Do not try at home.

Free runner, gymnast and Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters has pulled off various stunts for current James Bond actor Daniel Craig in the movie “Skyfall.” However, his latest act is certainly one of a kind.

The stunt, aptly titled “Leap of Faith,” took place in Mexico City and involves the gymnast taking, what is believed to be, the world’s first blind car-leap. The dramatic video of the leap shows Walter backflip over a Formula E vehicle as it races towards him, before landing precisely on his feet as the car just zooms by.

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"Had I jumped too early, I would have hit the back of the car with my head, and if I jumped too late, the car would have hit my legs," said Walters, according to the Huffington Post.

Needless to say, the stunt was extremely dangerous and even the slightest miscalculation of time and precision could have led to a major disaster. One cannot even imagine the practice and courage it takes to perform a stunt like this one, but after all, Walters is the master of them.

Check out the classic video above.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: YouTube Screengrab

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