Dancer Falls Off Stage, Spectators Come To Rescue

The lady may have been full of enthusiasm, confidence and moves but it just wasn't her day.

It looks like the festive season hasn’t come to end in Mexico.  However, it doesn't bode well for everyone.

A shopping center in Mexico was hosting a dance competition when a woman climbed up the stage and decided to be a part of it.

Little did she know that the stage was not a proper one and was just a series of boxes put together. Almost as soon as she started dancing, however, the boxes started giving in; she lost her balance and fell head over heels.

As the video shows, she landed with her backside on the edge of the platform, instantly tipping over.

However, she got lucky when two spectators managed to grab her and push her back onto the stage. The singer and her co-dancer paused for a while.

The determined and brave lady did not give up though and simply tied her shoelaces and resumed with a smile on her face.

Soon after the incident, the video of the incident went viral online. Many sympathized with the lady while others said it was a deliberate act and the woman wanted to surprise the judges with her act in order to win the competition.

To show some support to the woman, we have gathered a few incidents when even our favorite celebrities took a tumble:

Justin Bieber fell over on stage during a concert in Florida:


Taylor Swift literally went down the stairs but showed us all how it’s done:

Even Rihanna tripped over herself:

And Queen Beyonce:

Talking of queens, here's none other than Madonna getting dragged down by her cape:

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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