Dancing Golden State Warriors Fan Is The Cure To Election Day Blues

The internet can’t seem to get enough of the hilariously awful dance moves performed by a Golden State Warriors basketball fan during a game this week.

Americans really needed a reason to smile this week after Hillary Clinton’s devastating presidential defeat and Donald Trump’s terrifying win.

A dancing Golden State Warriors basketball fan came to the rescue Wednesday night when she graced us with her moves during her team’s matchup against the Dallas Mavericks.

Many may recognize her from her debut appearance back in April when she first showed off her impeccable dancing skills, and she’s back at it again — just in the nick of time.

The video of her famous return to the "dance cam" has been shared countless times since Wednesday’s game, with the entire internet — Clinton and Trump supporters alike — getting a great laugh from it.

Her arm-swinging, body rolling, and gyrating style is everything we hope to not look like when we dance in public, but have all performed in the privacy of our own homes.

Although we’ve seen an influx of hate crimes and harassment in the days since Trump’s election, these moments of humor and harmony are the perfect antidote to carry us through these frightening times. 

Banner Photo Credit: Screengrab, Twitter @BleacherReport

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