Danish Man Out-Cons Facebook Scam Artist With Adele Lyrics

One Danish man thwarted the advances of a would-be Facebook scammer by engaging in a conversation with her using lyrics from Adele’s hit track “Hello.”

In Valby, Denmark, Frank Fleming Jensen recently posted one of his Facebook messenger forays with a scam artist, a fem bot named “Sandra Jones.”

He decided to turn the tables on her by employing lines from “Hello,” Adele’s hit from last fall, when the scammer tried to use sexual advances on him to butter him up before asking for cash.

The obvious humor was lost on the fem bot, however, who just carried on as usual, persistently engaging him in romantic conversation before begging him for money.

Jensen shared screenshots to Facebook of the conversation he had with the culturally-inept scammer, who somehow missed his prank.  He wrote, “My newest Facebook friend apparently doesn’t like Adele.”

Even a spam bot should be privy to Adele’s ridiculously famous song, which has over 1.6 billion views on YouTube.


Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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