Man Hoverboards On The Rooftop Edge Of A 59-Floor Dubai Skyscraper

The Russian daredevil also performs a headstand dangerously close to the skyscraper’s edge.

Fair warning: If you’re afraid of heights, this video is not for you.

Oleg Cricket, a Russian daredevil popular on the internet for performing death-defying stunts, recently posted a video of himself spinning on a hoverboard on the roof of a skyscraper.

The vertigo-inducing footage shows the man accelerating toward the edge of the 59-floor building in Dubai.

“Scene from my full video, how am I still alive? I don’t know. Maybe I’m immortal,” writes the adrenaline-junkie in an Instagram caption accompanying a snippet from the complete stunt video.

As if the act wasn’t crazy enough, the man also does a headstand, this time around thankfully not too close to the edge.

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In recent months, hoverboards have been linked to several controversial incidents, some of which, unfortunately, resulted in deaths. For instance, in the UAE — where Cricket performed his stunt  a 6-year-old Emirati child was killed by a car in Abu Dhabi last October, while traveling on a hoverboard. 

Later, in January, a Filipino man was killed after the board he was riding hit a lamp post in a public park.

Consequently, the city’s public health and safety authorities banned hoverboards in crowded areas a month later, sidewalks, roads and other public areas. People can now only ride these electric scooters in designated parks that have an allocated space for bicycles.

But there are no guidelines about people riding hoverboards on top of skyscrapers, otherwise Cricket would’ve been in trouble.

Banner / Thumbnail : Pixabay / MichaelGaida

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