Daughter Live Streams Parents In ‘Zombie-Like’ State After Drug Binge

A daughter came home to find her parents barely conscious after allegedly binging on drugs, so she live streamed the horrific scene on Facebook.

WARNING: Video contains graphic images that may be unsuitable for some viewers. 

As an opioid epidemic plagues American families, the effects of drug addiction have been brought to the forefront.

Footage and photos of people overdosing on drugs have made rounds through social media to show the horrors of addiction.

One of the most poignant videos was recently captured by a girl who filmed her parents in a zombie-like state after an alleged heroine-binge, according to the Daily Mail.

The daughter — along with a man whose connection to the family is unknown — went live on Facebook, sharing footage of the mother’s eyes rolling back in her head while the father lay across the floor drenched in sweat.

The graphic images would be considered disturbing to most, but the daughter and cameraman can actually be heard giggling at the sight of the parents’ condition, as if it was a scene they were all too familiar with and had become desensitized to.

The pair can be heard shouting at the mother to get up, but she’s totally checked out and doesn’t move or respond.

The man operating the camera can be heard saying, “Man, you cannot be like this around your kids, man,” as the oblivious parents remain slumped over and nearly unconscious.

The video ends with a close up shot of the father passed out as the man behind the camera says, “Say cheese. We got you [expletive] on tape.”

It’s unclear exactly where or when the footage was taken, but this is just the latest in a series of disturbing viral images of people passed out and overdosing on drugs.

One of the most horrific photos shared by Ohio police over the summer depicted a couple overdosing in their car with a four-year-old boy sitting alert in the back seat.

Although the footage is painful to watch, it’s being used to raise awareness surrounding the devastating impact of drugs in our society today. 

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