Things Are So Bad, Congress Is Using ‘Stranger Things’ To Slam Trump

“Like the main characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ we are now stuck in the Upside-Down. Right is wrong, up is down, black is white.”

You know we as a nation are doomed for good when the Congress starts using hellish landscapes from a fictional TV show to describe the current political situation in your country.

For instance, President Donald Trump has been called many things since he announced his bid for presidency what feels like eons ago, but until now, no one had (at least officially) compared him to a faceless alien monster from a parallel dimension.

And the scary bit is, he kind of fits perfectly well into that nightmarish setting.

Democratic Congressman David Cicilline took the House of Representatives by surprise when he appeared on the floor with an unforgettable visual aide and a pocketful of geeky metaphors to point out the chilling contrast between Trump administration and Netflix sci-fi hit “Stranger Things” — because that is the reality we are living in now.

“Like the main characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ we are now stuck in the Upside-Down,” the Rhode Island congressman told his fellow lawmakers and the House speaker. “Right is wrong, up is down, black is white.”

Well, when you put it like that, it does make a lot of sense.

After all, in what other world would a presidential candidate still succeed after publicly mocking a physically disabled man and bragging about molesting women?

The Democrat then discussed a few major events that have happened since Trump’s inauguration — like the Muslim immigration ban, the firing of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the abrupt departure of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his alleged ties to Russia — to justify his point.

“Mornings might be for coffee and contemplation, but Chief Jim Hopper is not coming to rescue us,” Cicilline continued as a giant “Trump Things” poster (courtesy of an online generator, no doubt) stood proudly beside him.

“Like Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven, we must remain focused on the task at hand and hold this administration accountable so we can escape from our own version of the Upside-Down,” he added.

For the uninitiated, the “Upside-Down” is a reference to a colder, darker alternate universe terrorized by Demogorgon — a terrifyingly ugly creature with a petaled-flower face lined with rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth.

Also, before you argue that Cicilline’s analogy was bit of a stretch or that he should take a break from binge-watching on Netflix, let’s just remember that we selected a short-tempered man who refuses to release his tax returns, frequently insults women and minorities and has no military or political experience, to run the highest office in the country.

Watch David Cicilline’s iconic “Stranger Things” speech in the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits : Reuters

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