Teacher Sees Color For The First Time Thanks To His Students

A Dayton Elementary School educator got a surprise gift for the Christmas holiday. Beau Scott's students gave him a nice pair of color-seeing glasses.

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A Dayton Elementary School educator got an unexpected gift from his students for the Christmas holiday: the gift of color.

Beau Scott is color blind, so his students surprised him with a new set of eyes, according to Journal & Courier. The grade school teacher was gifted color-seeing glasses by fifth-grader Claire De Lon and fourth-grader Nori Patterson, who are in his higher learning class and wanted to do something special for their favorite teacher.

With the help of their families, the ambitious young girls came together to raise more than $300 for the color-seeing glasses by collecting donations from students in the class while De Lon sold decorative mice with candy cane tails.

De Lon and Patterson acknowledged that the glasses don't work for everyone and were rightfully nervous about their dilemma.

"I know he would be grateful for the gift from everyone, but I hope it works," Patterson said.

Scott's wife, Aliya, was also present when the students surprised him by holding up a sign that read "Merry Christmas" on different colors of paper.

Scoot put on the color-seeing glasses and lifted them a little so that he could see the different colors on the "Merry Christmas" sign.

"Oh my gosh, guys," Scott said. "Oh my gosh. This is awesome. I can see the colors."

A painter who suffers from color blindness just like Scott was given a similar gift for his 35th birthday. Craig Greco's wife gave him a pair of Enchroma glasses and his reaction to getting the special lenses is also very touching.

Being able to see almost everything in color for the first time must be exhilarating.

Scott's wife said that Scott will be able to see stop lights now, but Scott joked about looking forward to picking out clothes for his children to wear.

These students deserve a tangible award for this act of kindness because this can make any teacher melt. It also goes to show how much Scott is appreciated by his students, and he obviously has no shame in showing his gratitude toward them for the life-changing experience.

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