Decked Out Pineapples Are Replacing Trees This Christmas

Instead of buying big, expensive pine trees to decorate and put Christmas presents under, some households have opted to use pineapples as a substitute.


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This holiday season, instead of pine trees, people are decorating pineapples.

According to Mashable, the pineapple Christmas tree trend appeared on Pinterest and quickly spread to Instagrammers, who have transformed it into a whole new holiday movement.

People have gotten incredibly creative, using ornaments, lights, tinsel, and even sunglasses to bring their pineapple Christmas trees to life.



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Although this new trend may seem to veer a bit too far away from tradition for some, it’s certainly a less expensive and hassle-free option, allowing those who might not be able to afford a tree to still be festive while saving money, time, and space in their homes.

Furthermore, what is — arguably — the best thing about the pineapple Christmas tree is that instead of tossing it out when Christmas is over, you can eat it. 

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