Guy Writes Out Full Script Of 'Bee Movie' In A Card For His Girlfriend

"It was absolutely worth it," Baylor University freshman Conner Fastenau said. "It got her a good laugh. I think she said she’s going to frame it.”

Let's face it: Most of us grab any holiday card off the drugstore shelf, scribble a nice note inside, seal it, and call it a day.

This definitely isn't the case for Baylor University freshman Conner Fastenau. Not only did Fastenau make the most epic card of 2016, but also, he did it for the sweetest reason: in order to please his girlfriend, Nicole Dudley. 

The card, which he posted to Twitter, features a reference to the famous evil Kermit meme alongside the "Bee Movie" script — in full. According to Fastenau, the couple frequently makes jokes about the film. 

"She was [like], ‘Oh my God, I'm literally dead, I can't stop laughing," Fastenau said to BuzzFeed News of Dudley's reaction. "She said she had to explain it to her mom, too."

Naturally, the internet is all about it. 

Fastenau revealed on Twitter that he spent a whopping three hours working on the script. 

"Nicole is pretty tough to get presents for, so I wanted to do something different that she wouldn't have expected," he said.

According to Fastenau, she got a solid laugh out of the gift.

It was, without doubt, completely unexpected. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Twitter, @cfastenau34

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