Demolition Crew Caught On Camera Beating Up Helpless Villagers

Authorities reportedly arrested seven people after the nauseating footage of the incident began making rounds on the internet.

Some viewers might find this video disturbing.

A sickening video captured in the Chinese city of Haikou shows a government-led demolition crew violently beating up a group of helpless, cowering villagers who dared to stand up and protest when the workers came to knock down buildings in their area.

As the local media reports, the villagers had sold their farmland to outsider companies for construction. However, once the buildings were erected, the government deemed them illegal and sent a demolition team along with urban management officials and the law enforcement agency, to destroy the 104 structures.

The sickening clip from the incident clearly shows men, women and children crying and begging as the demolition crew continuously kicks and beats them with their batons. The villagers were cornered into a building after they reportedly attempted to throw rocks at the officials.

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The government apologized to the public and media once the video began making rounds on the internet. Police arrested seven members from the team, while the team leader, identified only by his surname Wang, has been dismissed, according to People's Daily.

“Dismissed? Detained? These men should be executed,” commented one Weibo user, as another wrote, “What kind of country do we live in that something like this could happen? Where were the police?”

Watch the disturbing incident in the video above.

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