Detroit Cops Tried To Arrest Each Other During A Drug Bust

“You’ve got to have to have more communication, I guess,” said one resident of the neighborhood where the drug sting was taking place.

Almost two dozen cops battled each other instead of criminals, in a comedy of errors at a recent drug sting in Andover, a neighborhood in Detroit.

Andover has the worst drug problem in the city.

“(It is) definitely drug problem for years, it has been a drug problem,” said one resident. “I don't think anyone can stop it.”

However, the Detroit Police Department hasn’t given up hope yet. In fact, their officers are trying way too hard.

Two cops from the 12th Precinct were posing as drug dealers, waiting for potential buyers to come forward, so they could catch them in the act. It was then that they saw two people approaching them, apparently looking to buy drugs. The two officers immediately told them to get down on their knees.

However, it turned out they weren’t dope buyers at all. They were undercover police officers from 11th Precinct who were there for the very same reasons the 12th Precinct cops were.

Soon, the rest of the special op teams from the 12th Precinct showed up to raid a nearby house which was suspected of being a hideout for drugs. However, instead of doing their jobs, officers from both precincts started fighting each other, according to Fox 2.

The startled neighbors, who were watching the brawl, said the officers threw punches at each other and even guns were drawn. The brawl resulted in at least one officer being taken to the hospital.

The department’s top brass was notified of the entire incident along with Internal Affairs. Body camera footage of at least one officer captured the brawl and it is now being investigated to see what went wrong.

This may seem funny but in hindsight it actually reflects the ineptitude and unprofessionalism of the Detroit Police Department. But as one witness said, “You’ve got to have to have more communication, I guess. I don’t understand what happened about that — communicate.”

Banner/Thumbnail credit: REUTERS, Ricardo Moraes

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