Did This Uber Driver Really Breeze Through 240 Green Lights?

A New York Uber driver has gone viral after posting dashcam footage from a recent drive during which he purportedly cruised through nearly 240 green lights.

It is every driver’s dream to hit all green lights on their routes from point A to point B, but for most that dream never comes true.

However, one New York Uber driver is the exception as his dashboard camera footage seems to show him cruising through 236 consecutive green lights before finally being stopped by red.

Noah Forman posted his dashcam video to YouTube, appearing to show his 26-minute drive through Manhattan earlier this month. Along his journey, it seems that just about every single traffic light remained green just for him.

According to UPI, Forman became a cab driver back in 2005 before moving on to Uber. One of his friends turned him onto “green light runs” some years back, and he has been taking on the challenge ever since. Apparently, there’s a strategy associated with catching green lights.

“Every now and then, I feel lucky and I give it an attempt, but this night I could tell right from the beginning it looked good," Forman reportedly said.

"It seems like you go with where the lights take you," he added. "The minute I think too hard and I veer off course... I just get hit with a red light somewhere."

Forman’s friend condensed the original video down to about four minutes and posted it on Vimeo. Both clips have gone viral with a combined total of almost 400,000 views.

Noah hits 240 green lights. from Shawn Swetsky - Post Producer on Vimeo.

Forman’s not done. He plans to break his own record and eventually reach 500 consecutive green lights.

While the Department of Transportation noted it was unsure of the video’s accuracy, the simple possibility of breezing through that many green lights is still pretty impressive. 

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