Monster ‘Humpback’ Alligator Casually Strolls Past Tourists

Fans have now nicknamed the giant alligator "Humpback" because of its distinctive rounded back.


No, this is not a scene from a Hollywood horror crocodile movie. This is a real-life alligator.

Although Florida is known for its crocodilian species, and there are several videos on the internet showing huge alligators casually strolling along the fields, this dinosaur-sized hunchbacked alligator just took the cake.

The footage was captured by some wildlife enthusiasts, one of them reportedly named Kim Joiner, near the Circle B Bar Reserve Polk Nature Discovery in Lakeland, Florida. The at least 15-foot alligator emerges from a dense growth of shrubs as fearless tourists gawked in wonder.

The alligator had a distinctive hunchback and its huge tail was the almost the same length as its body . Visitors wasted no time in taking pictures and recording its video.

Joiner shared the video of the huge reptile on social media and in a short while, it went viral. Several national and international news outlets also seemed interested in viewing the huge animal and have reported the sighting.

Some users were, understandably, doubtful of the authenticity of the video and thought either the alligators was digitally enlarged or was completely computer-generated. However, Joiner assured them that no editing was done to the video.

“No Photoshop. He was the biggest gator I have seen out there. I have been going out there for years too.”

Users who saw the video were shocked to say the least.

“One word for this picture ... DAMN!” said Frank Ferraioli.

Others were stating now that the animal had gone viral, nothing bad befalls it.

“This is such wonderful footage......And I total get why it's gone viral, I just pray with ALL MY HEART....this doesn't cause something to happen to this wonderful gator......,” said Toni Mencias Colon.

It may be nature at its best, but visitors should be cautious and stay a safe distance away from the animals. Alligators are not docile creatures and there have been many cases in the past year where people have fallen prey to this predator.

 The alligator has now been nicknamed as “Humpback” for obvious reasons.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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