Disabled 8-Year-Old Girl Runs 5K In Knoxville

"She has done so much more nurturing for me I think than I her, and the way that she just moves forward one step at a time," her mom said to Wate.com.

An 8-year-old special needs girl has done the unthinkable: run a 5K. 

Clementine White of Knoxville, Tennessee, was born with spina bifida, a condition that makes it difficult to walk, Wate.com reports. But that doesn't stop White from not only walking, but running.

"She has a ferocious can-do spirit and as her mom I need a little kick in the pants," Clementine's mom, Christy White, said to Wate.com.

Clementine White's ambition was made clear when she brought home a registration form for Girls on the Run, a running club at her elementary school, at the start of the school year. 

"My immediate reaction was if I just stick this paper over here she would forget about it, but she didn’t forget about it," Christy White said. 

Her dad echoed similar sentiments. 

"This is, I think, the first time she’s brought something like this home and the initial reaction was kind of like, ‘ugh,’ because you hate to have your kids fail at something that they’re interested in," Brandon White said. "That was my first thought.This is going to be something that is just too difficult."

Nevertheless, Clementine persisted, and she said she was going to run a 5K.

So she did. 

"My doctors said it wouldn’t be possible for me to walk or run," said Clementine, which makes the feat all the more incredible.

Altough Clementine may have had her own small doubts in the beginning, she's confident in her capabilities. 

"I didn’t really think I could do that, but now I can," she said. "Now I know I can." 

Her advice for anyone looking to conquer something seemingly insurmountable is simple. 

“If it seems that you can’t do something, you can at least try," she said.

No excuses. 

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