Disgruntled Apple Customer Goes On iPhone-Smashing Rampage

Bystanders filmed an angry customer expressing his rage at a French Apple Store by smashing thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise with a metal ball.

Witnesses filmed an extremely bizarre scene at an Apple Store in Dijon, France on Thursday.

An angry hipster — complete with full beard and wearing sunglasses indoors — went on a rampage destroying iPhones and other Apple devices with a small steel ball used in the bowling game pétanque, according to Mashable.

He calmly walked between the display tables, smashing one phone after another, with no one attempting to stop him.

Alarms were blaring as employees and customers stood by watching with looks of confusion and shock on their faces.

When the man finished causing destruction, he attempted to casually walk out of the store and go about his day. Of course, that did not happen as he was rushed by security.

Uproxx provided a loose translation of the man’s explanation for his gripe with Apple, “Apple is a company that violated European consumers’ rights. They refused to reimburse me. I told them, give me my money back. They said no. So you know what’s happening? This is happening!”

He continued trying to exit what appears to be a shopping mall in which the Apple Store is located, but several security guards surrounded him, creating a barricade of sorts.

They reportedly held him there until police arrived to arrest him. The charges he faces have not been reported, but an investigation into the incident is underway.

The damage the man caused is reportedly estimated at €11,500, which is equal to approximately $12,918. 

This man is certainly not the first — and won’t be the last — to have grievances with Apple.

It’s almost a guarantee that when entering an Apple Store on any given day, you will witness at least one disgruntled customer complaining — but this guy kicked things up a notch.

Although he just created trouble for himself by destroying the devices, he certainly made his statement loud and clear. The ironic part is that, he was upset with them for not giving his money back, but now he’s likely going to owe them money! 

Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

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