Disturbing Dress Depicts Horrifying Scene From 9/11

A booth at an outdoor market in East London advertised an offensive dress that was an ode to the devastating U.S. Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

London shoppers were left speechless and horrified when they walked past a dress for sale with an image from the 9/11 terrorist attacks printed on it.

The colorful garment depicts Manhattan’s fallen Twin Towers with flames coming from the tops of the buildings and aircrafts crashing into them.

The dress was being sold for €5 at a street market in Poplar, London, according to the Evening Standard.

Shocked shoppers took photos of the dress and shared them on social media along with their reactions.

Lisa Dean, whose son took a photo of the dress while browsing the market with friends, reportedly said, “I thought it was very disrespectful to the people that died, it’s like their death is being advertised.”

“To me it feels like whoever made that dress or wears it supports what happened. I think it is disgusting,” she added.

She said her son was also disappointed when he first sent her the photo.

Dean shared the image on Facebook, which has garnered 65 comments, has been shared 144 times, and received nearly 40 reactions. Most people echoed each other’s sentiments of disgust.

Jaspir Bhatti, who reportedly operates the booth where the dress was sold, claimed he did not realize the design on the dress when he put it out for sale.

“There is no way I would sell that, I’m so horrified,” Bhatti told local reporters. “I couldn’t even give this to charity. I’m absolutely shocked, it’s just the wrong thing to do — it’s terrifying.”

He gave the dress up to be destroyed, the Evening Standard reports.

Unfortunately, that likely wasn’t the only dress of its kind. Someone, somewhere finds this either funny, fashionable, or both, and that is the bigger problem. It's never a good idea to try to capitalize off tragedy

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook, Lisa Dean

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