Man Miraculously Escapes After Getting Trapped In A Cage With A Shark

As soon the shark broke into the cage, the boat crew began frantically tugging at it with a rope, unsure of how their friend in the enclosure was doing.

A diver is lucky to be alive after he was trapped in a cage with a great white shark off Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

A man only known as Brian went shark cage diving with a group and was filming as another diver, who was present inside a “shark-proof” cage filming the sea beast, encountered one up close when it busted its way into the enclosure.

Apparently, the sharks were feeding on chunks of tuna when one of them bumped into the side of the cage. Unable to swim backwards and in frenzy, it lunged onto the cage, making its way inside.

The experienced diving instructor fortunately got out of the cage and protected himself from the sea creatures. In the meanwhile, the boat crew, especially one man in an orange shirt, took quick action and lifted the cage with a rope that allowed the shark to escape.

Once the shark had swum away, the diver calmly made his way out of the water and reunited with the boat crew.

“The crew on the boat did an outstanding job doing their best to make sure it had this happy outcome. These sharks are amazing creatures to be seen up close!” Brian posted on Facebook.

The father of two also added on YouTube that he looks forward to another great white shark adventure next year.

The diver really was lucky to have escaped unscathed despite being so close to the shark. He must be applauded for his skills and presence of mind to remain calm in a situation in which most people would have panicked.

Check out the nerve-wracking video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Hugh Gentry

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