Watch Epic Video Of Man-Sized Iguana Swimming Past Divers

You never know what mysterious creatures of the deep are swimming just below the surface.

An astonishing clip, recently posted on YouTube, shows a huge man-sized marine iguana swimming in the Pacific Ocean feasting on underwater algae.

Diver Steve Winkworth was swimming at Cabo Marshall, a dive site off the north coast of Isabela in the Galapagos Islands, when he came across the marine animal and recorded the brilliant footage. The video clip captured its movements as it searched for food and then went to the surface of the water for air, before it dived back in.

The iguana seems extremely comfortable and unconcerned with the presence of divers nearby, and continues swimming around with its tail sweeping from side to side. In what seems like a search for food, the man-like creature sometimes clawed onto the ocean floor, while at other time swimming upwards.

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Internet users were left intrigued by the video and one Youtube user commented, “That's an iguana? Looks like a f****** Komodo dragon. How big is it??” while another said, “I think that radioactive can change it become a real godzilla? (sic)”

Well, who knows, the commenter might be on to something.

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