Do Your Love Life A Favor And Avoid These #BadFirstDateLocations

There are some places that just don’t make a great impression for a first date, and Twitter has rounded those locations up in one comprehensive list.

Dating can be incredibly nerve-racking for all parties involved.

Between figuring out what to wear, where to go, and wondering how much money to bring in case you have to pay your own way — you’re practically exhausted before the outing even begins.

Because we’ve all been there before, there are some do’s and don’ts for a first date that become second nature: staying away from super-messy foods at dinner (cough, spaghetti, cough), and not wearing your Sunday best to a theme park.

However, leave it to Twitter to compile a hysterical list of #BadFirstDateLocations you probably never even considered. 

And for those who would just rather not deal with the stress of figuring out what makes for a good or bad date, there's always this piece of sound advice:  

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