Dog Becomes Viral Sensation After Crashing Russian News Broadcast

A Russian newscaster got an surprise visit by a dog while she was covering a live news broadcast. Her reaction was hilarious.

A big black Labrador became quite a sensation on the internet after crashing a live news telecast on Russia's Mir24 TV while a female newscaster was on air. The anchor naturally freaked out as she had no clue how the dog entered the news studio.

Newscaster Ilona Linarte appeared startled in the footage that has now gone viral. 

“I’ve got a dog here,’’ she said in Russian. “What is this dog doing in the studio?”

But distracting her from reading the news wasn’t why the adorable Labrador was there. He was in for the spotlight and a brief appearance from behind the newsreader just wasn’t enough. So the pooch decided to stand up on his two paws and keep his front paws on the desk, sitting right beside Linarte to get a proper television appearance.

The charming canine soon became friends with the reporter, who gave the pooch a pat on his head, though Lenarte later mentioned that she wasn’t much of a dog person.

“I actually prefer cats,’’ she said. “I'm a cat lady."

Though the newscaster appeared frightened in the beginning, no one came to her rescue. But always staying ready for the unexpected is what all the journalists are taught, and so Linarte, who was visibly uncomfortable with the dog, successfully managed the situation.

It was later discovered the Labrador just didn’t happen to crash the news studio; he was actually invited to another show with a guest but got loose and entered Lenarte’s newsroom.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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