Cute Dog Interrupts Live Orchestra Performance, Just Chills Onstage

A Labrador couldn't care less when he crashed the Vienna Chamber Orchestra's performance in Turkey. This dog is the true essence of chill.

The Vienna Chamber Orchestra's June 20 performance in the ruins of the ancient city, Ephesus, in present-day Turkey had a surprise special (and furry) guest, according to Classic FM.

While the orchestra was performing Mendelssohn's "Italian" Symphony No. 4, a Labrador sauntered onstage. The four-legged audience member sniffed around the strings section before taking a plop down by the first violin's seat.

Ola Rudner was conducting the performance, which also included renditions of Beethoven and Mozart. The performance was a part of the International Izmir Festival, which has world renowned artists perform at "unique historical venues," according to its website.

This isn't the first time a dog just had to be in the spotlight. In 2014 at an Argentina Premier League game, a dog ran onto the field. A player gave the dog a belly rub before he was taken off the field. 

And more recently, another Labrador (I'm seeing a pattern here) interrupted a Russian news broadcast and caused the anchor to squirm in her seat. 

These instances all beg the question: Who let the dogs out? (Sorry, we had to.)


Banner/thumbnail credit: Unsplash, Ana Silva 

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