Man Jumps In Freezing Water To Save A Dog

We bet the dog is really thankful to his human friend who gave him a new lease on life.

A Ukrainian man is being hailed as a hero after he jumped in a frozen lake to save a dog.

The heroic man took off his robe and sat on the edge, dipping his feet in the freezing water before taking a leap of faith and jumping in the ice-cold lake courageously.

The footage shows the man swimming with quite an effort through the icy water toward the dog, whose head can be seen bobbing above the surface.

The strong-nerved man finally makes it to the animal in trouble.

With quite a bit of difficulty, he manages to get a hold of the canine and direct it toward the shore. 

He emerges from the water with some effort, but safe nevertheless.

According to the YouTube video description the incident took place in Simferopol, a city on the Crimean peninsula.

Here’s hoping that the dog is doing fine, and has made friends with his savior, who has set a great example of kindness.

Earlier this year, a cycling volunteer from Australia also made the news for saving a koala in dire threat of drowning. It's incidents like these that restore our faith in humanity. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

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