Dog Saves Canine Buddy From Drowning In Pool

Two dogs were playing near their family pool when one of them fell in. Unable to get out on his own, his canine friend jumped in and gave him a boost.

A dog that was struggling to swim in his family’s pool was saved by another canine friend.

Smokey and Remus, who belong to Laurie and Jay Becerra in Mesa, Arizona, were acting “rambunctious,” according to accounts from the couple. Their behavior was captured on security camera footage while no one else was around.

It was during that time, while Jay Becerra was elsewhere in the house, that Smokey, who is less experienced of a swimmer than Remus, fell into the pool. The footage showed Smokey having difficulty getting back out of the pool, with Remus on the side looking as if he was trying to direct him how to get up.

But Remus, seeing his dog pal in trouble, instead jumped into the pool and gave him a boost up onto the ledge. Smokey climbed out, and Remus followed behind him.

Remus, the hero dog, “may be a crazy pup but he's got a heart of gold,” Laurie Becerra wrote in a social media post sharing the security video.

Our pets are more selfless than we often give them credit for. Their acts of bravery — whether saving members of their family or helping their pet “siblings” out of a potentially dangerous situation — remind us that they’re capable of showing love and compassion beyond what we typically imagine.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Bru-nO/Pixabay

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