Hero Dog Saves Hikers From Charging Grizzly Bear

"The dog Momo we were taking luckily chased him away," hiker Kenzie Campbell posted to Facebook. "Bring bear spray or don't hike."

A dog in Canada is receiving extra treats and TLC this week after an act of bravery at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. 

CNN reports the husky-shepherd-lab mix helped scare off a bear that hikers came across on the Cascade Ampitheatre Trail. Kenzie Campbell, who's looking after Momo until she's able to live with her owners again in Cardiff, posted about the incident to Facebook.  

The video below shows footage of the bear after the initial scare. It had followed them to a truck.

"About to hike the cascade amphitheater [sic] today and as soon as we get to the trailhead we see this big guy no more than 20 feet away from us moving closer," Campbell wrote. "The dog momo [sic] we were taking luckily chased him away. Bring bear spray or dont [sic] hike."

Campbell continued, "Thanks parks canada [sic] for the ride and the dog for being the bravest dog ever."

Apparently, the dog distracted the bear until Campbell and his girlfriend were able to make it to safety. 

"At this point, the bear was 15 feet from my girlfriend and the dog was barking and growling, so I let the dog go and she distracted the bear while we ran," he said to CNN. The couple called 911.  

They eventually returned to the parking lot, where Parks Canada emergency personnel were waiting.

The hikers and the dog likely alarmed the bear, explained Bill Hunt, a Parks Canada resource conservation manager. This is why it rushed toward them. 

Campbell's story is also proof, according to Hunt, that it's important to carry bear spray, travel in groups, and keep your dogs on leashes or even leave them home. 

After investigating the incident, staff concluded there's no risk to the public. This particular bear reportedly encounters humans hundreds of times each summer. 

Momo is being treated like a "little queen" currently, Campbell said. 

Well done, Queen Momo. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Nan Palmero

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