Video Of Brave Dog Saving A Drowning Baby Deer Will Melt Your Heart

As a man and his golden retriever were enjoying a day at the beach, his four-legged friend sprang into action to save a baby deer from drowning.

On June 16, Mark Freeley and his golden retriever, Storm, were walking along the Long Island Sound when his four-legged friend jumped into the water. Little did Freely know, Storm had spotted a baby deer in danger of drowning and dove in to rescue it.

As Storm headed into the water, Freely began recording his dog and watched as he swam over to the fawn, grabbed her in his mouth, and brought her safely back to shore. Once the dog got the baby deer out of the water, he used his paw to give her a little nudge just to make sure the fawn was still alive. What a tender moment.

The dog's owner posted the heartwarming video to Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 1.6 million times. Freeley even deemed his furry little friend the “World’s Best Dog," and Storm has definitely earned the title.

After Storm saved the fawn, Freeley called animal organization Strong Island Rescue to let them know about the deer. When Freely and two rescuers hiked back up to where the fawn was, to their surprise, the animal was back in the water drowning. According to Erica Kutzing, a fellow rescuer, “She was confused. I think she was completely out of it." 

Judging by the video footage, the second rescue seemed to be just as dramatic as the first. 

Thankfully she was saved again, and according to Strong Island Rescue, "She will receive fluids, feedings, and when old enough she will be released back into the wild. She has a few superficial wounds from her exciting day but will survive."

The saying goes that a dog is a man's best friend, but this tear-jerking tale proves dogs are really friends to all creatures.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Phil Dolby

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