Dogs Lend Helping Paws To UK Residents During Election Day

During the United Kingdom's second general election in two years, voters took the opportunity to cheer others up by bringing their furry best friends along.

The United Kingdom has gone through a great deal of tragedy in the last few weeks, so it's no wonder that an unofficial campaign to urge Britons to bring their furry best friends to the polling station is earning so much attention online.

On Thursday, U.K. residents left their homes early to vote in the country's second general election in just two years. But what lit up Twitter wasn't the messages urging Britons to go with either party. Instead, it was the #dogsatpollingstations hashtag that led the way, forcing the internet to stop debating former FBI Director James Comey's testimony and to take a moment to enjoy the little things.

Even men of faith took their "paw-tners" to perform their civic duties.

Unfortunately, some furries were left out of the loop, mainly because they were very bad boys.

It's in times of great confusion, such as the ones we live today, that we can truly use any joy we can get, even if that means taking a moment to appreciate the love owners and their pets share.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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