News Channel Claims Donald Trump Is Actually An Orphan From Pakistan

Apparently, Donald Trump was born in a mountainous region of Pakistan and his real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan — at least, that’s what this news outlet claims.

Ever since Barack Obama assumed office, Donald Trump has led the birther movement to discredit the first black president of the United States. However, recently a news outlet alleged that Trump might have to show some proof of his own that he was born in the U.S.

A viral news piece by Neo News, a Pakistani Urdu-language network, reported Trump was actually born in the mountainous Waziristan region in north-west Pakistan on June 14, 1946 — and his name is actually Dawood Ibrahim Khan. The piece was accompanied by a picture of a toddler who looked eerily similar to what Donald Trump would have looked like 65 years ago.

The news outlet also reported Trump’s (aka Khan’s) parents were killed in a car crash and he was taken to London by a British-Indian retired Army captain. He was later brought to the U.S. and where the Trump family adopted him in 1955.

Now, if Trump were born in Pakistan, he would be ineligible to serve as a U.S. president.

To be fair to the news outlet, they did cite they got hold of the news from various comments on social media outlets like Twitter.

The piece is, of course, fake and the Neo News received a lot of backlash for the shoddy antics they call journalism — not to mention a boatload of hilarity.





Trump has been spewing lies about how Obama was born in Kenya and not in the United States, despite the fact that his birth certificate gives Hawaii as his birthplace. Now that the roles are reversed, let’s see how Trump feels about people spreading baseless rumors about him.

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